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Sharing your dream, designing the solution, and
building your perfect home or extension

Only you know what your dream home or extension looks like in your mind. You may not know all the details or quite how it might come together; but you know what you want. The one thing I imagine you don’t want to interfere with your dream is the nightmare of unexpected expense, miscommunication and frustrating delays…

As Dundee’s favourite independent builder and developer, D & H Developments can undertake larger projects, including being the main contractor at Dundee’s Overgate Shopping Centre and the development at Kincaldrum Park (5 luxury rural houses reinstating farm steading buildings to modern day splendour). But most of all we love building peoples’ homes and extensions and bringing their dreams into fruition. There really is nothing better than seeing the delight on a customer’s face as their house becomes their ideal home; whether it has been extended, adapted or built as new, from the ground up. Specialising in mid-range residential homes, our ultimate aim is to make small or large building projects accessible and affordable to the people living in the community that we live in.


We are proud to be the most dynamic, design-orientated, action-taking building developer in this part of Scotland. Everything we do is designed around taking action and getting a fantastic result for every single customer, on-time and on-budget. If you are serious about getting your building project started and you want the assurance of working with the best that you will be delighted with the finish… you are in the right place.


The company’s owner, Steven Duffy, will be personally involved in every stage of bringing your dream to life. From the initial meeting where you reveal what you are trying to achieve through to the final brick, hinge or lick of paint. He will offer as much or as little advice as you need on design, materials and the overall plan, and won’t be afraid to tell you the truth about what can be achieved. Most importantly of all, Steven will usually be on site and you will always be able to contact him when he isn’t. And you will also have 24/7 access to your team site manager who will ensure everything runs smoothly and any issues are resolved quickly.

So pick up the phone and get in touch. A meeting with Steven will cost you nothing, but could save you a fortune in cost, stress and dissatisfaction. Call on 01383 561122 or 07740 679289.